Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We have our tickets for Sweden and of course, will be looking forward to that; but before I can go there are quite a few works that need to be done for some of my galleries. One is being Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery. European subject matter doesn’t do too well in Bend, Oregon; it’s more of a younger crowd that hasn’t traveled as much is my guess. In Scottsdale, the retirement capital of the world, it seems everybody has been over to Europe at some time or another.

That being said the best subject matter for him tends to be local and that is what I started today. It will be a 24x36 of Wizard Falls, just outside of Sisters, Oregon. The water there has this deep rich turquoise color, as it flows over an old lava bed. Off to the left is a dirt path along the side, where the light was dappling down through the trees.

Richard Boyer

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