Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I worked more on the Smith Rock painting today; yesterday I wasted all my time driving Lina and her friend to a week long Girl Scout camp in Provo Canyon. The drive was only an hour each way, but the two hour check-in was a joke. The camp organizers were anything but organized at Trefoil Ranch. Everybody was forced to wait in long line after line, something they could have very easily combined together to make the whole process run quicker and smoother. All of the paper work we filled out earlier in the week they misplaced and couldn’t find, medical forms that they needed to fax in were directed to a non existing fax number. It was like dealing with a third world country!

Sorry for sounding stressed out, but I get that way when my day of painting is wrecked by incompetence. So today it was more like normal and I managed to get something done, maybe on Wednesday I’ll be able to finish it off.

Richard Boyer

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