Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today was another quick sketch from Amsterdam. Down from our apartment last summer they had this cool café, where all the tables were spread out along the side of a bridge. The color of the umbrellas caught my eye, so I figured it would be worth a smaller painting first just to see if it could work on a larger scale. I’ll bring it to the crit tonight and see the consciences.

Seems like every afternoon there is a list of things to do before we leave for Sweden, buy this and that and taking care of all those small errands that need to be done. We had a pile of stuff that we dragged off yesterday to the “Deseret Industry”; one of those organizations that cleans up cloths and sells them for pennies on the dollar to those in need. The car was loaded up all the way.

I was contacting an old Swedish friend yesterday and saw this picture on his facebook. It’s soooo bizarre that I just had to share it, actually he did a good job setting it up ! Way to go Bjorn!!!

Richard Boyer

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