Thursday, June 2, 2011


I worked more on the Bend, Oregon piece today and didn’t get done until 5:30. It’s been a long day standing up to paint, but I wanted to get it more or less finished off for the crit session. And I know the first thing they will all nag about “the water is this funny blue color, why did you do that?”….well it is in reality. This is why the area is famous, because of its iridescent blue/green color. What can I say, maybe it’s minerals in the water or the fact that it flows over ancient lava beds.

With the house full of the relatives, we decided it best to have tonight’s session up at Nick’s place. Still Elsie ( Karin’s mother ) and Marianne ( Karin’s younger sister ) want to come up to meet the members, many of whom they have met on previous trips over here . I just tried to explain that the session usually gets a late start. Artists don’t belong to the normal working class schedule of early to bed, early to rise. In fact one of our members Sid stays up all night until the sun rises and then sleeps in until five in the evening. That kind of sleep cycle would drive my to depression

Any ways the jet lag seems to be abating, so a late night glass of wine or two might be just the ticket to kick it totally out of their systems. Usually the first hour is just wine tasting and socializing, it takes some of the hard core critters like me or Rick Graham to steer the group on to the real reason we are there.

Marianne picked up some Rose, so maybe now would be a good time to open the bottle!

Richard Boyer

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