Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I like to work on several paintings at a time; this keeps the eye fresher and the painting more exciting to work on. So I put yesterdays work aside and started this smaller 20x30. It’s the reading of the duty roster on the USS Constitution in Boston.

We were there several years ago and had a great time visiting all the historic sights. What I found the most interesting were the actors who dress up in period costume, walking around the old town giving free history lessons, history lessons that one normally wouldn’t learn in a class room. An example being with “Samuel Adams” beer, he started the company in Boston, but that’s not a picture of him on the bottle. Some marketing friends of his told him that he had the face that would turn away prospective buyers; so he put his friend Paul Revere’s portrait on the bottle.

So next time you drink a Sam Adams, keep in mind it not him adorning the bottle.

This painting will take a while with all the rigging and detail of the boat, so I’ll try and take a few more photos of the progress.

Richard Boyer

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