Thursday, June 9, 2011


Didn’t get much done today, it’s been a fairly busy morning. Markus graduates tonight so there is a lot of preparation for that event, and our duplex has a burnt out swamp cooler motor. Usually that would be fairly easy to fix, but not when it’s at the top of a very steep pitched roof. There is this climbing move I need to do where I hold on to the edge of a shingle and with the right foot planted on the roof swing into a steep 45 degree valley, where I can get opposing pressure as I shimmy my way up to the crest. And then last but not least I leave for Coeur D’Alene, Idaho tomorrow for the Oil Painters of America show.

After looking at all the work on their web site, I’ll be lucky if I win the gift certificate at Wal-Mart !!! Still it will be fun to fly up and meet some of the artists.

Marianne and her kids, along with Markus, Victor and Lina all decided they wanted to try sledding today. So they loaded the toboggan and sleds in the cars and drove up to Brighton at 9000 feet. There was plenty of snow and with a fully loaded toboggan down a steep ski run the potential for disaster was most likely also high. On smooth snow they could attain speeds faster than sound.

Richard Boyer

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