Friday, October 29, 2010


Last night we all carved pumpkins. The Strayer’s invited us over for the annual dinner and art festival session. We usually trade off each year as to who will host the carving event. But since Karin was leaving the next day they thought it best to have it over there, which was a big help. After a dinner of chilly and wine, we went at it with knifes and carving tools. Here is the result, all ready to scare the little kids.

The big dilemma is which night will we see the most kids. Here in Utah the local religion doesn’t like to do much of anything on Sunday the 31st, the true Halloween night; so as a result many children will be out Saturday night. Now since we live in a rebellious neighborhood, a neighborhood branded as “those liberal democratic sinners!” I have a feeling most kids will be knocking at our door Sunday night.

I worked a little more on the commission piece this morning. There seems to be just too much going on today to finish it off. Lina has a Halloween parade at school and Karin has to be at the airport for her flight. Tonight I also need to make an appearance at the Southam Gallery; they are having a show with several artists, one of them being me!

Richard Boyer

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