Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Oct 25

Its days like this, when I wish I lived on a warm tropical Caribbean island. Snow is in the air here in Salt Lake and the damp cold temperatures seem to be driving their way into your bones. Yes it was time to fire up the heating system again, gone are those fall days of 75 degrees and the warmth of the sun. My studio was uncomfortably cool this morning. With the radiant floor heating it takes a while to heat the mass of the cement up under the wood flooring. Once its at the right temperature, its really quite nice on the toes!

My parents are coming out to visit tomorrow. They were scheduled to see us two weeks ago during Fall break when it was nice and warm. But due to some pesky virus they postponed the trip until now. So I warned them to bring along the full winter gear. My Dad didn’t like the idea of a dusting of snow for his arrival, all of this according to weather people at the news station.

I changed a few things on this piece today. The crit gang thought the waves behind the boat were too much of a lead-in, so I toned that all down and broke up the tree on the left side. I also worked on some of the boats to the left and played up the light on the canal water.

Richard Boyer

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