Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, Oct 18

We are back in sunny Salt Lake City again and the dog is limping around the house. I guess she ran around on our vacation a little too much.

On Sunday we split up and Markus, Victor and I did some desolate mountain bike trail at a place along interstate 70 called Rabbit Canyon. This area is generally known for ATV’s and motorbikes. But if you head south off the freeway and then east along a dirt road that follows next to the highway for ten miles or so. You come to this remote butte that overlooks the Colorado below. This is the area they set aside for mountain bikers! Here the trail, a primitive loose rocky one at best descends some 1500 feet down to the river below; much of it being so loose that you had to get off the bike and walk over what resembled talus fields. If fact more than half of the way down we had to walk and that went also for the way back up. Victor and I both felt the same misery over the poor conditions of the train, our arms tired from lifting the bikes over boulders all the way back to the car. We promised never to do it again. Our reward was a dusty ride through Tamarisk bushes at the bottom.

Sasha, the dog kept an even pace with us regardless if we were traveling fast or walking the bike. The dog knows no limit and must be feeling it today.

At five in the evening we were all done and started the drive back to Salt Lake. The skies were getting cloudy as a front moved in. Sure enough as we hit Price, just before the climb up over Soldier Summit the skies let loose a deluge of rain.

We finally arrived home at ten at night all tired from the drive. The dog slept through much of the driving, but for us it was time for a drink!

On the good side, today I found out that Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery sold this 24x36 piece for me !!!

Maybe there will be a Christmas after all.

Richard Boyer

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