Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crit night again to night, but I shall be up in Seattle. The flight leaves later on this afternoon, so I’ll be up there just in time to catch a pub for dinner. Scott, my brother was going to meet me at the airport. The show isn’t until Saturday evening, but I thought it would be fun to hang out and visit Scott for a while. Looks like its raining in Seattle again, what else is new!

I worked on this one today, another painting where I got rained on before I could finish it. The day I did this it started out sunny and warm, then within an hour the dark ominous rain clouds moved in. The wind picked up and soon I was holding on to the easel for fear of it blowing away.

I’ll see if I can leave these with the crit group for tonight, since it’s just up the street at Nick’s place.

Yesterday I worked on the electrical in the basement, putting in the two-way dimmer switches for the ceiling lights. It’s always a test in memory after the sheet rockers cover up all the wires and you just have a bundled mess of the ends stuffed inside an electrical box, which you have to make sense of. I had to call our electrician friend David up several times for a little tech support. Turns out one of the switches was bad from Home Depot and now the new one switches off the lights from one receptacle, but not the other!

Maybe a few days off and I’ll be able to see it in a different light (no pun intended!)

Richard Boyer

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