Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I started on a 20x30 piece today, just a block in, not much to show. This is more or less how I start a piece, by pushing around shapes until it looks right for me. I find it takes a lot longer to draw it out in line, and then I just get hung up on trying to make it all perfect. With shape and forms I can work more with negative spaces and block it in quicker.

For the last month here I have been trying to get a refund on the tax money I paid over in Holland on my Camera I bought in Amsterdam. It’s about as difficult as pulling the wisdom teeth out of our cat! I sent them all the required customs stamps and bank info, but they have been working like the speed of a glacier. Not answering my emails and shuffling it back and forth from office to office. I’m sure now that they are doing it on purpose and thinking that what the hell, the client is back in the States, what could he do about it?

Well I got the address of the customs office in the Netherlands and will now try to complain to them. Maybe they can pull their weight around and threaten them. Other than that about the only thing I can do is to harass them with emails. They are supposed to refund the tax money for anyone outside of the European Community, not keep it for their Canary Island retreat!

Tomorrow we drive down to Fruita, Colorado for the Fall break.

Richard Boyer

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