Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Oct. 4

Here is todays project. Its a piece I got back from Mockingbird Gallery. I spent the morning re-touching it a little. I also sent off the last two paintings to Howard/Mandville Gallery and they should be arriving there in a few days. Fedex seems to be somewhat reliable, unlike UPS where they use Burros to deliver.

On Thursday I'll fly up to Seattle for the show on Saturday. My brother, Scott lives up there, so we will have time to socialize in the local pub.

This painting above is for the Southam show a few weeks down the road. They are doing "The Great Outdoors" as their subject matter. So I'm hoping they can pull in some people for the show in this depressed economy! I'll have this one and several other river paintings, along with two other artists we should have enough for a good show.

Richard Boyer

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