Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I added a figure to this piece. At the last crit session everyone said it needed something of interest. Soooooooo I added the water carrier girl, actually it's a relative I photographed over the summer in Sweden. With the bucket it looks like she is watering the flowers and hopefully adds some more excitement to the painting.

Now reluctantly I need to go down to our basement and work on another kind of painting, mainly the walls. Yes that age old tradition of paint brush and roller. We decided to do a faux finish on two walls to make it look like stones, something Karin got out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Once that is done I can put the final touches on the electrical. We need to get the plugs and lights all working.

Next week I have my parents coming out for a visit and they will need a bedroom to stay in. We just happen to have one in the basement, but its filled up with all the junk we had to transfer from the main room before the sheet rockers did their thing.

Richard Boyer

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