Thursday, October 21, 2010


It’s been a while since I was at a crit session, seems like every Thursday I have been out of town or had something planned. But tonight it will go forward and I will be there. Nick is hosting it this time and I have a bunch of 12x16’s to be looked at.

I worked on the bikers again today, bringing up the contrast some more and adding color where ever I could without going overboard. This is one of those pieces I had a little fun with and I’d like to try some more scenes similar.

The next one to be finished off, or at least until I hear the list of things to change from the crit personal tonight, was the Amsterdam piece from Keizergracht. That too I brought up the contrast more and worked on the water. I have a bunch more of these pieces from the trip that I need to finish off and get up on the web site. It always takes much longer than you think to finish off a body of work you bring back from a trip!

Richard Boyer

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