Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Oct. 11

I’m back in Salt Lake now and worked on this little fall scene for Southam Gallery.

The trip up to Seattle was fun, that first Thursday evening when I arrived Scott took me out to dinner at The Dahlia Lounge. One of Seattle’s many fine restaurants. We splurged on wine and fine dinning, along with dessert and cognac.

The next day I walked around the galleries in Pioneer Square, all of them quite modern. I really tried to find something representational, but I guess that just isn’t what’s in style there! They did have a wide selection of homeless people on every corner, adding to the local flavor. After a few hours I was bored seeing the same old art work and decided to walk over to the Seattle Art Museum, they just opened an exhibition about Picasso. The collection stretched with a good amount of paintings over his entire life, along with pictures of his many wives from that time. The young new models and sex really seemed to drive his subject matter through out his life.

In the evening we met up with Dave Strayer, who was there during the same time giving a deposition and took the boat over to Winslow to eat dinner at a small pub over looking Seattle. It was good to take a load off and chill with a local beer on the deck overlooking Seattle at night.

Saturday was the show at Howard/Mandville and as I thought the economy has taken its toll once again. Plenty of people interested, but no takes. We’ll just have to wait and see if some need to think it over first before they buy. As my luck had it, when I went out to he car after the show there was a soggy parking ticket pressed against my wet windshield. The city of Kirkland felt it more important to screw the visiting population instead of promoting local business. A big sign towering overhead told the visitor of free three hour parking, a smaller sign slightly off to the side mentioned that one had to pay after five in the evening. Most other cities would have it the other way around with free parking in the evening to promote restaurants!

At least the Kirkland Police department is doing their part to drive down business in the town !!!

Richard Boyer

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