Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Tuesday we had a small snow storm blow through, I forgot to post a pic of that. Talk about a depressing sight, one week its in the 70’s then wham, its Christmas time !

Well now its back in the plus degrees and most of the snow has melted.

It’s good to have the parents here. It would be a lot nicer if they lived closer so the children would get to know them better. Once every four years doesn’t really give them a good picture of what they are like. Karin’s mother they know really well since we are over in Sweden most of the summer. Elsie has become part of the family!

Here it is still in progress!

Today I worked on the commission piece, bringing up the foreground pier and some of the boats. I’ll work more on those tomorrow as well. The crit I’m going to miss tonight. Since Karin is leaving for Sweden tomorrow to visit her mother for the next nine days, I figure it‘s best to stay here with her and the parents on her last night. Next week I’ll have to get up early, make the lunches and push the kids out the door for school.

At least the house is ready for Halloween. I’ll be serving hot apple cider fortified with Vodka to the adults….so if your thirsty drop by!!!

Richard Boyer

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