Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I left a couple of pieces at the crit session last Thursday and this one was bashed apart, they thought the figure looked too “frumpy”. Lord knows you don’t want a frumpy figure in the painting. I just had to define what frumpy meant and fix it?

From what I could gather, they didn’t like the bucket nor the bland colored dress. Carlie didn’t like the blouse either, but since I like it, I’m going to ignore that comment and let it be. It looks a lot better than a normal tee-shirt, which is most likely what she would have on. I did change the angle on her head so she is not looking at something that isn’t there and put a watering can in her hand as well. I added a little more to the dress to see if that will take care of the “frumpiness”

This other piece, a 12x16 I did for the Southam Gallery, they are having a show either this weekend or next. They seem to be impossible to get a hold of so I never know these things! We leave this Thursday for southern Utah. All the schools have fall break now for a week. That’s why it would be nice to know if I need to get these works down to them before I leave or not?

Richard Boyer

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