Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today we did a little mountain biking. Kim and Ed came over from Moab to join in and the boys took off on one loop and the girls did the beginner loop with Lina.

Trying to follow a seventeen year old teenager on a route can sometimes be a changing event. The word careful and cautious are not part of his vocabulary. Markus considered most cliff edges as a minor inconvenience where one just had to lean back off the seat and go for it. Some of the terrain that can be considered a bike trail is mind boggling. Riding on a bike off of two foot drops every few feet on an inclined rock slab next to a hundred foot cliff can put your mind a bit uneasy. After about five miles my legs were feeling it, but I still have to say that the trip was an adventure. We had spectacular view of the Colorado river below and some gorgeous sandstone to look at.

Now we are having gin & tonics back at the hotel with pizza. Tomorrow we head back to Salt Lake in the afternoon.

Richard Boyer

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