Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, Nov.1

Fridays show at the Southam Gallery turned out to be a Champagne event. They sold two pieces and one of them was a large one!

Early Morning on the Grand Canyon 30x44

Beauty before Age 18x24

My plan was to go down to the gallery a little after eating dinner at home with the family. Then Linda Southam called wondering in a frantic voice where I was because she just sold five paintings, two of which were mine to one client from California. I inhaled the rest of my dinner and raced down to the gallery. The show was AD Shaw, Kimball Warren and I; so it was good to chat with the other artists. AD Shaw I know from the May Gallery, but Kimball I had had never met before. It was fun to also meet some of the clients and hear their input. Especially when they say they are seriously considering a painting or two of yours. It was for me a healthy shot in the arm from the slow market I had been having.

Saturday they celebrated Halloween here in Salt Lake and it also decided to pour most of that night. The doorbell wasn’t ringing so often, but when it did I saw quite a few soaked trick or treator’s. I made sure to offer the drenched parent a hot fortified apple cider, which they gleefully accepted. Finally around nine at night the rain let up, about the time most small kids were back at home.

Richard Boyer

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