Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Nov. 29

Last week they were hyping up the so called “Storm of the Century”. And yesterday again they forecasted some snow that might stretch into the morning rush-hour commute. The media didn’t hype this one up, they wanted to play it safe and not face the embarrassment of any wrong predictions of a mega-storm.

Well it started to snow Saturday night and kept snowing until this morning. As you can see we got over a foot and a half. And both our cars were buried under what felt like a glacier of snow, especially the one in the street. The snow plow did a good job of sealing that one in with wet concrete salted snow.

I had to get the one in the driveway free first so the kids could take it to school. Now I know you are most likely asking, “Well why didn’t they dig it out?” They were still getting dressed and eating breakfast. I, who had no obligation to get to school or eat breakfast at a certain time, was elected the designated shovel man. Karin, my wife made that executive decision!

The problem soon became apparent as to where to put all this white stuff. Canyon walls were developing along the sidewalk edge and the extra snow was just falling back down on the area I was trying to clean out. After an hour and a half I had “Salad” free from the grips of ice. When the children were small they named our green Volvo “Salad and the name stuck. Karin needed to take that car into work with no if’s, and’s or buts’.

Our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday was a well anticipated event with the Strayers, Mike, Carlie and Brian. We started at five in the afternoon with some nice high-end Chardonnay’s and soon moved into the exotic appetizers. The main course was a fantastic spread of turkey and a dozen other dishes. We stayed at the table until late in the evening with the last guests finally heading home around midnight.

As usual we still have a few pounds of leftovers and the last think I want to eat now after four days is more turkey disguised in the form of a casserole.

With the snow flying yesterday we all decided to head up to Alta to see if we could get some powder runs in. The roads were slow going with all the snow and a very slippery experience going up the steep canyon. They have warning signs plastered by the road every few miles telling people that chains or four- wheel drive vehicles are the only thing allowed in the canyons. So what do we see, some Moron in a mini van coming down the opposite direction going three miles an hour, talking away on a cell phone and the cars bunched up behind him for miles. He was one of the many idiotic ski tourists we have inching their way down the mountain road, most likely from some place flat and warm, like Texas!

We did get some nice powder and stayed until closing. Karin and I did lunch together, talking about this and that sore muscle. Yes it is the first ski day of the season and every joint feels it!

Here is today’s project !

Richard Boyer

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