Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here is today’s little work. It’s a scene up the road from our cabin in the Uinta Mountains. If you took the skis off you would sink down into the snow up to your waist, so hopefully I got that across in the painting.

Our dog considers this a living Hell to walk in, but still she wags her tail and follows along when ever we head out into the back country. Sasha will spread her paws as wide as possible and leap up into the air. This usually means that she clears about half her body mass above the snow level in a forward thrust. This momentum will propel her about two feet until she lands in another new crater. This hopping and partial swimming action is how the dog will follow us. Thank God she is a lab with boundless energy, wired on caffeine 24-7.

I found out the hard way that paint remover does not work on old lead paint, its one there as hard as steel. I’m referring to the front window, which I spent most of the afternoon scraping. It’s now ready for a coat of primer and then some fresh caulking, before the final trim paint.

With me here alone taking care of the house and kids, I’m moving the crit night to Friday. It’s hard enough getting up at 6:20 in the morning when its still pitch black outside. I don’t need to make it worse after a late night, red wine enhanced crit session. The idea of sleeping in on Saturday sound a lot better!

Richard Boyer

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