Friday, November 19, 2010


No broken glasses at the crit session last night, so I guess it was successful !

I just wanted to show you the details of the critique they can sometimes get into. On this one we have the before and after picture. This is like those newspaper entertainment sections, where they show you two some what identical images and you have to point out five things that are different from the one next to it. In this case there are also five things I worked on and changed !

This is the older version

and this is the new, improved version

First was the line of boats on the left side, they wanted the ones farther back to be blurred out a little. Second was the background boats on the right side, they needed more atmosphere, so I cast a yellow white haze over the top which pushes them back more.

Next was the red boat in the middle of the canal. It wasn’t standing out enough. The boats behind it had too much color and contrast. So I changed the color away from red which was competing too much with the boat in front. I also threw a little more blue over some of the boats behind to give them more atmosphere and push them back more.

Forth was the water needed to some work it was perhaps a little busy to the eye. And last was the figure and a few of the color on the main boat where punched up. Now it seems to be better………….or until the next crit when they suggest something totally different.

As with any critique session, people will always find something wrong with it. It’s up to the artist to pick and choose what he or she wants to change and ignore the rest. I think for me, it’s done !

Richard Boyer

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