Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I reworked this snow painting a little today, changing the water to more rust colored and the snow shadows warmer. Also the trees were touched around a bit.

I'll send this one as well as the other snow painting off to Jim at Mockingbird Gallery. I heard from Ron in Scottsdale that the Willow Gallery on Main Street has closed its doors. The season is just warming up down there and still they decided to pack it up, leaving all their artists to run for cover!!! There have been quite a few galleries to close their doors down in Scottsdale, the market was really been hit hard there.

Too bad Simic Gallery still seems to be there, that's the one place I would love to see go under. They have the reputation of cheap mass production art and not paying their artists. So a word of warning to any prospecting artist in the area, avoid them like the plaque!

Richard Boyer


  1. I like the changes that I can see. I can really see much more warmth in the shadows, but maybe its because its online?

    I think you lost a little of the water sparkle when you did the rust. Can you paint those sparkles back in?


  2. Oops...I meant I CAN'T see much more warmth in the shadows....