Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Blue skies today with a cold snap in the air. It’s cold enough so the snow squeaks when you walk on it. We were reading in the paper this morning that the next front that moves through on Thursday could be rain, which will turn all this nice snow into slush.

Last night we had the figure session at Rick’s place. Our model was Nandi from South Africa in a sitting pose. I decided to work on a head shot and try to get it right. My problem is I always screw up with not enough contrast. I’ve told Bryce Liston and Rick Graham, who are on either side of me, to hit me with a stick if I start down the road of anemic painting. And sure enough halfway through the session I was doing it again. Bryce was the one to mention it and humble I went back and added darker darks. Mr. Liston on the other hand was scrapping off the lights; his was looking more Caucasian.

What can I say; it’s all a learning curve that sometimes I wish would just hurry up, so we could all get it right the first time.

Howard/Mandville send me an email, they have a client that is looking for a Brugge subject for Christmas and since I have been there, just perhaps I might have something. Well if they give me a week I will. Here is the start, just a block in and hopefully it will be developed more in a few days.

It's a 12x16

Richard Boyer

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