Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I’ve been listening to the radio this morning as I painted and they keep updating us about the storm of the century approaching. Or at least they make it sound that bad. Many functions at the schools as well as events in town are being cancelled and they are recommending leaving early from work. Once there we should not leave the house and make sure the porch light is on to help the power company determine who is with or without. At the last update the storm was just arriving in Ogden, about twenty minutes north of here. There they have howling winds over 60mph with snow….

Well I better hit the wine and grocery store this afternoon. The dog is looking at me, as if not to eat him when we get too snowed in. In some countries dog could be quite tasty, but not here. I’ll go down and get the turkey today just in case.

I pulled this one out of the box this morning and worked on it. This was the first painting we did when we were over in Amsterdam and not too long into the session, it began to pour down buckets of rain. I pulled out the umbrella and crowded myself next to the easel in a futile attempt to keep dry, within minutes I was soaked but the painting was dry!

Richard Boyer

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