Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today is crit day at my place and Kay Strayer dropped by with a six pack of wine glasses that she picked up at IKEA. She was thinking of the crit members. I guess she knows the story with broken wine glasses on Thursday nights.

I worked a little on this piece today. It needs a few more figures in it and more contrast with the biker coming down the road. ALl of which I am sure the members will bring up at the critique session tonight.

It’s partly sunny and warm out today, that warmth one feels before the storm. Yes another snow storm is on the way. Another reminder that those glorious warm summer evenings are gone for good!

This is one of those days when Karin looks at me and says, “It’s a perfect day to rake up all those leaves at the duplex!”

My response is usually a mumbled four letter word. My afternoon now booked up with collecting water logged leaves and then trying to cut month old long grass underneath. We had some tenants move out and naturally the last thing on their mind would be to get the yard in shape for the winter, that’s what landlords are for.

Well I might as well enjoy that last warm day outside with the rake

Richard Boyer

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