Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay, for most this is like watching paint dry, no pun intended. The idea of watching day after day the slow progress of the artist working on the same damn thing. This is why I like to work on several at once if they are a larger format, its either that or I go stir crazy. I was back working on the water and waves again...........something still bothers me about it! The arm was changed on Lina, my daughter, she had the left arm out back before, so I moved that up front and also added a few figures off to the left.

We still have a heavy smog layer outside, enough so that we can't even see the valley anymore. Our house is about 500 feet up from the valley floor and usually we have a nice view out over the city, but nooooooo, not today.

They keep talking about a small weather front that is suppose to be coming through to clean out all this soup. If Salt Lake only could get their act together and improve the public transportation system, we might not be having these serious inversion problems. Our bus system is more or less a joke, they can't even be bothered putting a time table at a bus stop, so you basically have no idea when the next one is due to arrive, nor do they give any information about the route. The only thing they can manage to tell the inconvenienced traveler is the number of the route, so there you wait at a bus stop under the sign telling you that its the number "5" ideas on how long you might be waiting, or if even the bus runs on that day you are waiting. As for where it might be taking you, you're on your own!

Richard Boyer

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