Thursday, January 7, 2010


My wife works at the Health and Wellness Clinic at the local hospital. They have one of those programs where you can pay an exorbitant amount of money to have you entire body and all its functions scanned for any future illness or problems. More or less like the 50,000 mile check-up you get for the family car, in this case it’s the boss maintaining his select group of C.E.O.’s

Any ways last night we went their new office party, new in the fact that they changed locations from a small windowless department in LDS hospital to a remodeled and larger office across the street. Karin now has a room with a window to the outside world, a view of the valley and mountains. This was her opportunity to show off the new space and also for us, a chance to make acquaintances with some of the people sharing her department.

Normally I don’t get too excited over other peoples office parties, but in this case it was catered and I mean catered to the average male. Yes, ……we are talking bacon, unidentifiable little hors d’oeuvres wrapped in bacon. Something Karin would look at and say, “never in a million years!” But they are health, wrapped around scallops I said. She looked back at me, “it’s still cholesterol on a tooth pick!” I noticed none of the women seemed to be going for them, but most of the men had several on their small plates. Nevertheless I ate a bunch since I was starving. We hung around for maybe half an hour, but two of my boys were scheduled for a Boy Scout meeting that night. I decided it was time to go after meeting the Proctologist.

Today I worked a little on the waves, trying to give them some more form. I would like to give the illusion of my daughter running through the water. Since the painting was still wet from yesterday, adding the white highlights to the top of the waves worked out rather well. The white paint mixed with the under paint and toned it down just right. When it dries after a few days I can come back into it with some bright titanium white mixed with a little Cadmium yellow light.

We have the crit session again tonight, so maybe I'll get their input on the composition of the piece here.

Richard Boyer

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