Friday, January 29, 2010


Well nobody at the crit session bought girl scout cookies, either they didn't have cash or a check book, or thought them as too fattening! Excuses, excuses, such is life in a depressed economy, the worries of the world fall upon the poor little girl scouts trying to make their quota..........I'm trying to give everyone a guilt trip, so I hope its working!

Amazingly no wine glasses were broken last night. I was tired from skiing, but diligently took notes of all the changes I needed to do and worked on them this morning. Before I could get started though I had to move the dog again.

As it turns out, the group didn't like the figures so much in the middle of the alleyway, so I had to ask them to move over a little to the right. The guy also was accused of being a tourist, so with a cap and vest on him now, he fits in more like a local. I also darkened down the left wall some more which gives it more contrast to the side going up the stairs.

I'll have to cut this short, since all girl scout cookie orders are due on Monday. That means Lina and I need to go around pounding on doors to make some sales !

Richard Boyer

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