Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night we had a model session at Rick's place again. About seven of us crowded together in his living room again. I worked on this small 16x12 portrait.

This is the time of month when the postman can really kill all that holiday cheer, as you find that credit card statement in amongst the other bills. The envelop was especially thick with page after page of itemized Santa Claus expenses, all of that mindless shopping suddenly comes into focus..."What, how much did I blow on that stupid..." Maybe if I hide the bill in the drawer, it might go away!

Well to forget about Christmas I worked on the summer time painting and the kids playing in the water. The painting still needs something, so I might put it aside for a while and just think about it.

I'm starting to make plans for the summer time painting trip to Amsterdam, its been a while since I was there last. In fact the last time I was there was back in the film camera days, roles after roles 36 exposure. Now its 800 pics on a single memory card. So come July a few artists and I will head there for about two weeks to paint the canals and sample the beer! I was online today checking out various web sites for apartment rentals. Either we could stay in hotels, or maybe find a place with a kitchen. Any way you look at it, I'm finding Amsterdam to be very pricey. I have a neighbor from southern Holland, so she was going to check into a few dutch web sites for something more reasonable. The places I keep finding are several thousand Euros a week !

Richard Boyer

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