Thursday, January 14, 2010


"Women and haircuts", as men we will never get it right. My wife walks into the kitchen and asks “Notice anything?” Automatically red flags go up, not matter what I say, it’ll be wrong “Nice dress you h….”


It takes my daughter to notice, “Hey, you got your hair cut, looks nice!”

“Thanks Lina” I mumble under my breath. Victor then throws in the comment, “I read in the paper, if your wife asks, if there is something different - always answer with a comment on the nice haircut”

All of this information was of course twenty / twenty hindsight.

Why is it that women notice these small nuances and men are left in the dark? Yesterday morning I got up from the breakfast table and tweaked a small muscle in my back and of course after standing all day while painting, it was sore in the evening. So I laid down on the couch.

“Your getting sick, most likely the same thing I have.” Karin said to me

“How do you know that, the only thing hurting was my back?” I wanted to know what possible sign could tip her off to that kind of a conclusion.

“You pulled a muscle this morning and are now lying down on the couch, that’s not like you. Besides I see it in your demeanor.” She then went into the small diagnosis of how the body and muscles react with a slight fever. Sure enough a few hours later I was feeling the classic run down feeling of the common cold…………maybe some bacon Hors d'œuvre will help.

Its crit night again, this time up at Nick’s place, they live just a few houses up the street. In the better neighborhood! We should be taking bets on whether Robert will break or spill a glass of wine.

So I decided to work a little more on this piece, mainly just trying to get more paint on the figure and define a few other things. I'll take this one, the water painting and the small figure study to the crit tonight.

Richard Boyer


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