Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have a cold today, sore throat and runny nose. That's what happens when you have children. They come home after school, wipe their nose clean with their hands and give you a kiss. A few days later......bang! You got the aching feeling of the on-coming common cold. You know what they always say, "nothing builds up your immune system better than having kids in preschool." Its a melting pot for viruses destined for your house.

When I made it into the studio this morning, Sasha had parked herself in front of the easel.........something she usually does on a daily basis. Yes, I'm talking about the family dog, a black lab we got about three years ago, much of the time she is hopping around bouncing off the walls like she had too much espresso.

But in the mornings most cases she will lie down about five feet behind me, so when ever I back up to look at the work, I'm in evidently tripping over the dog! I'll then tell Sasha to move over and lie down someplace else, but the dog just looks up at me like I'm speaking French. Even so, the idea of somebody stepping on her would indicate that she might very well be residing in the wrong location. In the end I have to drag the dog over to the side a good ten feet and tell her to "stay".........that lasts about five minutes.

Today I worked on the back ground some more and the flower pots in the foreground, they seem to work better than the rope fence that was there before. Now I just need to work on the figures and bring them up a little better. I'm not too sure about the guy in the middle there with the green tee-shirt. If I get rid of the figure then the people might be in to much of a straight line, right now they are in more or less a triangle grouping and that seems to work better for the composition.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Animals are funny, I have 2 dogs that do the same thing, I have to keep the door shut one of them likes to eat pastels. Your painting is coming along wonderfully, great light and shadow and the colors really are wonderful.