Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I decided on another larger coastal painting with two of my kids in it, the scene is from Sweden. We have some relatives, actually a whole boat load of relatives down in southern Sweden. I've done this in a smaller version, but thought it might look good as a 24x36 format. Again this is something I want to really play up the sunlight on. In reality, when you are looking into the water the light on the waves is so bright, your eyes are just squinting..........yes, I know that would be impossible to get the painting that bright, but maybe the illusion. N'est pas ?

Did you know that each entry I am doing here goes onto my facebook page automatically? A friend of a friend helped me set that one up. I'm still trying to load pictures on to it, but it tells me that its a fatal error each guess is that something isn't quite right with it ?

I just started facebooking, because once again, friends are saying its the wave of the future for marketing. I seem a little indifferent to that since anything where you have to ask people to be your friend, sounds pretty pathetic and depressing. Still I see artists out there with lists of several thousand friends, obviously you need to be asking every stranger you get a hold of to be your friend. So if any strangers are out there..........won't you be my friend !!!!

I just clicked and pasted the link, but I know it will be maybe its best just to look me up on facebook

Richard Boyer

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