Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was a clean up day for some of the paintings. A day when you work a little on this one, then a little on that one, just finishing off the last parts as best you can. I wouldn't mind starting a new one tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure these were done enough for the crit session.

I added the figures yesterday, but re-worked them better today, they still might need some work, but then again...I'm not to sure if I want them that finished off since they are in the background. More roses were added, the cross was made lighter in color and I threw in some pallet knife work on the stone walkway.

Next I took out the Pottery woman and darkened the background more, added more reds to the cloth and back wall, defined more of the pots on the back shelves and worked on her cloths a little. I took a shot of it with the digital camera, but I think there was more glare on it today, so the quality is not there. When I finish off a piece I will always take it outside to shoot, usually on a sunny day, but still in the shade. The light is quite soft and generally represents the colors well.

When I do the blog here, I get lazy and just have the camera set up on a tripod in the studio. I'll make sure its squared off to the camera's view finder, but if there is some glare on it...."c'est la vie".........I'm sure as Hell not going to take it outside and set the whole damn thing up again!

We had another model painting session last night at Rick's place, all five of us in his small living room with model in the corner. It actually works, I just still need to get use to the artificial lights. What more can I say, I'm so use to painting in north light which is cooler.

This afternoon we were all up doing skate skiing at Mountain Dell Golf Course. The golf course is halfway up Parley's Canyon and doubles as a cross country / skate skiing course in winter time. They have about ten kilometers of trails set up to burn yourself out on. The season has started up and we have the children signed up for the Utah Nordic Alliance, or as they call it TUNA........yeah, I know, not to be confused with the fish in a can! We seem to always be explaining that one to outsiders. Any ways, they do their training Tuesdays and Thursdays and I go off to do a few loops around the tracks they have set up.

After about ten K, my lungs feel like their ready to explode and I hobble back to the car with jelly legs.........I don't think I'll ever be Winter Olympic material

Richard Boyer

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