Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is last night figure painting session at Rick's place. I'm still trying to get use to painting under artificial lights, I really hate it. There is something about a few bulbs in the ceiling, and a spot light on the model, that just don't cut it. But, if the others insist at having the model sessions in the evening, I don't really have a choice.....just can't seem to convince any of those members to switch over to the afternoon, that would be the best time and the best light also!

Any ways, enough bitching........this is Susan. She was out all day skiing and had a bit of a wind blown red face, when she came to model yesterday evening.

Todays fixer-upper is an old painting I got back from the Howard/Mandville Gallery, which was done several years ago. I sent them up that Amsterdam painting I was working on a while back, so they just switched out the frame for that and sent me back this one.

Its definitely old for me and I think I have learned a few things since doing it. So as your average car repair man would say "Lady, the whole thing needs to be overhauled..........she' going to need a new engine, tranny and a digital widget arm!" I need to drop the fence there, fix the floating umbrellas and add a certain who knows what!

Well its best to just start diving in and making changes without too much thought!

I started out by painting out the rope and adding some larger flower pots. I toned down the orange in the back building and fixed the umbrellas a little. Tomorrow I can work some more on it and see what comes of it.

The market has slowed down a little too much for me now, some of the galleries I am in seem to be quite dead in the water, as they say. So its time for me to try hitting a few new locations and see who might be interested. I really need to even out the rags to riches income swing of this damn career I have chosen. Some months the sales are great and the income really comes in and then others, especially if the stock market in freaking out.... can be really slow. It puts a lot of stress on the family.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Have you considered wall Street investment banking as an alternative when the art market is depressed?

    I hear you get gazillions even (especially, billion dollar bailouts anyone?) when your company is in the toilet.

    I tell ya, it must be nice having a job where even when you screw up big time, you get a promotion and a huge Christmas (and halloween [and Columbus day {and Mothers day}] ) bonus.

    Larry darkness