Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, Jan. 4

Back to school for everyone today, sounds depressing to most!

Well I am back on the job, working on the old staircase in Provence. I defined the light a little better today, added some roses and put a few figures in it. The figures are just blocked in and I will need to work more on them tomorrow.

The town I am painting here in the mountain top village of Gordes, located about an hour East of Avignon. Several moves have been filmed here throughout the years, including just recently "A Good Year" with Russel Crow. Where, the actor inherits a vineyard and of course has a relationship with a beautiful femme fatale in this town.

Here is an earlier piece I did of the very cafe they filmed in the movie. The staircase I am working on is down the hill to the left. Gordes is one of those jet-set town where most French go to be seen now a days!

Little do most know that back in the the 1600 during the religious wars, the Catholic church sent mercenaries to kill all the inhabitants. Those poor souls living in Gordes happened to be protestants and this happened three times.

Richard Boyer

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