Friday, January 22, 2010


So, last night we managed not break any glasses, nor spill any wine, in fact the group was rather well civilized. We all had something to crit, including three of mine. So this morning I spent most of the time fixing this one. The list included lightening the water and sand. Getting more paint put down in the foreground and working on the small half circles of water that roll up on the beach. Victors face also needed some work. I guess they couldn't tell if he was looking back at the other person or not. His toy boat was also enlarged........and the people off to the left were drowned out. The group thought it was too busy with them. Another words the eye was going back and forth with no clear center of interest. So I played up the waves a little more and added a few sail boats way off in the distance.

Its snowing out now, all those storms hitting southern California are coming our way. Southern Utah has been hit hard with wave after wave of snow storms. Come spring time the rivers will be flowing fast. We are shooting for a river trip down the San Juan River in May, provided we can get the permits!

Richard Boyer

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