Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Jan, 25

Monday morning once again. We tried to go up skiing at Alta yesterday, with all the new snow we have been getting it would have been a great powder day. So bright and early on Sunday we all got up, had a quick breakfast and stuffed the skis in the car. As we were driving along the freeway, we noticed the reader board flashing the message that Little Cottonwood Canyon was closed.........that's exactly where we were heading. My wife was in a separate car ahead of us, since she could only ski for half a day. Our plan was for her to park the car at the main parking lot at the bottom of the canyon and we all go up together, then she could just take the ski bus down to the waiting car when ever she decided to head back. I kept following her, as she continued to drive towards the closed canyon.

As would have been expected, the traffic was backed up miles before the entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon. She hopped out of the car and ran back to ours, informing us that she had just gotten off the phone and found out that it would be opening up in half and hour. Two hours later we were at most a mile farther down the road with no news. We finally found out that due to avalanches, the canyon would be closed until afternoon. Nothing like waisting the entire morning sitting in a car!

We turned around in the line and heading back home.........defeated by the weather. Left with just the distant memory of what its like to feel chest deep powder from last year.

So today I worked on the stair painting and threw a few people in at the top, darkened down the wall to the left and worked on the hollyhocks some more. The crit group thought I had painting the leaves too much the same. I'll look at it again tomorrow and maybe work some more on the two people at the top of the stairs. Yesterday I sent in my two entries to the Oil Painters of America show, so now its just the waiting game, to see what gets in, or if anything at all gets in.

Yes, I have never won anything at that show !

Richard Boyer

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