Saturday, July 31, 2010

I walked over to the National Museum today and walked through their exhibition of “Interior paintings”.  It was a good collection from the 1800’s as well as some of the Dutch Masters from the 1600’s 

They didn’t have too many Zorn’s up, in fact none in the show.  I just saw the usual museum collection of his work.  

The afternoon was spent wondering around Gamla Stan, which was crowded today.  Stockholm is hosting the gay pride weekend, so the crowds here are enormous. 

Markus was off meeting a friend of his and I met up with Karin, Victor and Lina at the bookstore in town.  My goal was to find a large book they had in print eons ago of Zorn, but unfortunately its no longer around.

At three Karin had to meet Lottie for their museum venture and I took Victor and Lina with the ferry to Djurgarden and Gronalund, their theme park here in Stockholm.  The highlight of the place is the freefall, where you get shot up a few hundred feet in a chair and just free fall back down to the ground.  Hopefully they remember to apply the brakes at the end! 

I didn’t bother to do that; instead I went around and shot some of the harbor scenery. 


Richard Boyer 

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