Sunday, July 25, 2010


I’m now sitting at an empty gate at Schiphol Airport.  Rick’s flight back to the United States left half an hour before mine to Sweden.  So we headed out the door together, took the tram number five and climbed out at the central train station.  Soon after that we were on a crowded train to the airport.  Mike and Carlie left at 8:00 in the morning, so Rick and I were up early to see them off.  Then we just waited around a bit for Christian to wake up and said our farewells.  Today is the travel day and being artists forced to put all our gear in a check bag, over weight bags become a big issue.  Mine was 25 kilos.  The limit is 23 kilos, the check-in woman told me and smiled.  She took it anyways and just reminded me to keep it down on the next flight.  

Karin said she would meet me at the airport, so hopefully I will see her smiling face.  I do remember once coming back from Amsterdam where I waiting two hours before somebody showed up.  It seems as if the wrong arrival time was to blame.  So I spent my time exploring the different terminals at Arlanda Airport.  Now I can say that I really know the airport inside and out 

The Thai restaurant was good last night. Everyone ordered something different and we just tried a little of from each dish. 

It was an early night for most.

Tomorrow we are off on a three day sea kayaking trip around the archipelagos here outside of Osthammar 

Richard Boyer

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  1. Well...its July 28 now - there's a gap forming...and like, where are you? Inquiring minds need to know!