Monday, July 5, 2010



Today we actually went to the beach. Sivert drove us there, which was a good thing. We have gotten lost many a time here in Skane because of the winding country roads that are un-marked. Our goal today was Skanor beach; there you can look across to Denmark. At the very southern tip of Sweden, on the west side there is a natural sand peninsula that sticks out into the water for several kilometers and the summer traffic on it was in full swing. The first part of the drive out there is a nature reserve, with of course nobody there. The very tip was filled with beach goers and sun worshipers, all on summer holiday. Victor and Sivert went swimming and I walked around taking shots of the colorful beach umbrellas. Hey, what can I say, “Its my job!”

We did stop for killer ice cream on the way back at the canal. During world war two they build a canal there to bypass the end of the peninsula, where the Germans had planted minds out in the channel.

I thought it best though, to show you pictures of the countryside. Everyone knows how a beach looks, but where the real beauty lies is in the rolling hills dotted with old farmhouses. The wildflowers are out in abundance and I was trying my best to capture some of the colors. Now the locals here call all the beautiful flowers as weeds that should be eradicated. I kind of laughed when Goran, one of the relatives who own a lot of farming land told me how he is trying to get rid of the wild poppies that grow in the fields. Here I am photographing the beautiful colors of the very weed Goran is trying to get rid of.

Richard Boyer

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