Monday, July 19, 2010


Another sunny day, let’s hope it continues.  But the weather report is calling for rain after Wednesday and it looks like it will stay around for a while, at least till we leave on Sunday.  

I went off this morning to paint one of the gate towers.  Back in the 1600’s these towers circled the city and had a gold ball on top, so that the moonlight would illuminate the way into town for the in-coming ships.  Now 400 years later they have filled in all the open water and build around them, so they are more or less in the middle of the city, but still next to a canal.

Christian, our apartment mate across the way gave us a book about Monet’s painting trip to Amsterdam one hundred years ago.  One of his pieces was from the same vantage point I took for this painting.

This afternoon I walked around to the other side and did another angle with some boats in front.  It was on a large bridge with a lot of pedestrian traffic and sure enough I was engaged in conversation the entire time.  Still I’m happy with the results, they may need some more work, which I can do back at the studio later on.

Now it’s “Duvel” time………I would hate to feel what a six pack would do !!! 

Richard Boyer

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