Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday morning

We did a little bike ride last night.  Siwert pulled them out from the basement.  Mine had five speeds, Victor had three and Siwert said none of his worked.  We first rode to an old castle ruin just around the corner, where they have summer concerts sometimes. 

We then continued on to a high point in the landscape.  Coming from Utah, the high point wasn't much of any thing, but nevertheless it was a small hill rising up about 50 feet from the surrounding flat plains. What made it interesting was the Viking grave on top of it and the others in the surrounding area.  The burial sites dot the countryside here and thankfully are left alone owing to an antiquities act.  Most would contain the remains of the chieftains long boat and personal artifacts, along with maybe the ill-fated servant or two.

The ride back was nice in the evening light as well !

This afternoon its back to the beach with Victor

Richard Boyer

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