Saturday, July 31, 2010


We did the drive south yesterday and are now in Stockholm. The family owns an apartment right in the city center, Karin's father bought it eons ago. It's very small, maybe around 30 square meters. So we are all crowded in here on blow up air mattresses with no chairs to sit on. They had it as a rental unit for the longest time, but decided to leave it open now for family members wanting to visit the city. So with time it will slowly become furnished with all the normal accouterments of your standard apartment. We added a coffee machine last night.....that was a must.

The house is actually from the 1600's, so it has problems. But being located in the middle of the block surrounded by other buildings, its quiet as can be. This is really amazing when you think of being right in the middle of Stockholm.

Today I wanted to check out the National Museum, they have an exhibition called "Interiors", so most likely there will be plenty of Carl Larson and maybe a few Anders Zorn works to see. Karin wanted to meet with Lottie and check out the Museum of couldn't drag me in there!!!

It rained last night, so maybe its the right kind of day for gallery looking

Richard Boyer

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