Friday, July 2, 2010



We had the circus in town yesterday, so Elsie and I took all the kids and cousins to see it. The whole town of Osthammar gathered under the big top to watch “Cirkus Maximum” put on their performance. They set up the night before in a rain storm, had the show and basically started pulling everything back down as the guests were leaving. Now the field is empty, no sign of the circus that moved on to a new location….what a life !!!

I mean the amount of work they put into a two-hour show and then to tear it all down again sound just horrible.

One of their shows did impress me though and I would have loved to find out how the hell they did it, but I know that would be their closest guarded secret. It was a piece they did of woman changing dresses in a split second. A puff of smoke and bang she’s changed out of a green short dress into a long flowing white gown. Now before you all say, “Well, Duh! It’s because she just threw the gown over the short dress.” She also did it the other way around, long dress changing into a short dress in the blink of an eye!!!

I biked around town this afternoon, yesterday it was pouring down rain, so I figured people wouldn’t want to see rainy pictures of the town.

Tomorrow we are driving down to southern Sweden; it’s about a nine-hour drive.

Richard Boyer

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