Sunday, July 18, 2010


The weather actually agreed with me today, sunny the entire day! 

Mike, Carlie and Rick decided on a bike ride through Holland’s countryside. They rented some bikes around the corner and headed down to the train station, there one can take a free ferry ride across the river north of town and ride off into some flat country.  They ended up doing a 36-kilometer rural tour through small villages and past the occasion windmill.  Part of the way they followed along the shoreline of the inland sea “Ijmeer” and no they didn’t any kids with their fingers in the dike!

I thought maybe doing some more paintings while the sun is here would be more prudent. Who knows how many days we have before the next dark rain clouds roll on in.

I walked down to the end of Prinsengracht today and saw a lot to paint there.  Unfortunately the crowds were in full force, maybe because it was Sunday or because of the sunny weather.  So I settled on a scene looking up Kaisergracht with a large church on the right side.  For me it was a quieter spot and the shade of a tree kept me from the rays of the sun, so I was able to spend more time on it. 

For this afternoons painting I walked back up the street some more to a side canal and set up there, once again making the best use of a tree for shade.  Unfortunately the glare off the water made it harder after a while.  I finally walked back to the apartment at six in the evening.  Shortly afterwards the rest of the group came back and we decided for a cold beer at the corner pub.  It was well worth it, especially when it’s up around 9%.  Yup, just one beer and you feel much better.

Forgive the photo quality.  I got back late and shot a quick picture of it on the flood with glare and all.  Its late now and we are hungry.  I'm making dinner as I blog. 

Richard Boyer

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