Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It’s a grim day today and not because of the weather.  My camera was stolen, my pride and joy, my Canon D20.

Rick and I headed down more into the city center to paint a drawbridge, around Muntplein.  The weather was still not blue sky, so we figured maybe something close up like some wooded boats would be better for the first piece.  Possible then by the afternoon the skies would be clearer for a more traditional landscape of Amsterdam.  We headed off to a quiet side canal.

I set up along the canal edge between two parked cars and Rick a little farther down to make use of a bench.  I started working and noticed some guy watching.  He then moved on.  I had my backpack and camera both below my easel, basically in front of my feet.  The camera was out just because I like to have quick access to it if a boat comes down the canal. 

Time went by and I noticed the same guy sitting down about 15 feet away from me eating a sandwich.  I figured he was just interested in watching the painting session.  He vanished again after some time; the camera was still there in front of me on the ground.  I caught a few other glimpses of him watching from a distance as I painted.  Then he was gone, I looked down and so was the camera.  I was lost as to just how the asshole did it, since at no time did he ever get close to me!!!

The blunt realization hit me and I frantically searched around for the camera knowing full well it was most likely halfway across Amsterdam.  I gave up on the painting and headed back to the apartment.  The first order of business was to get the camera replaced.  There was no real point in sulking around, I needed a camera for this trip, no if ands’ or buts’!

I used the laptop to search for a camera discount place here and started walking.  About two miles south was the “Kamera Express” store, Holland’s answer to our Best Buy in the States. So for a 1,600 Euro I got set up with a Canon 7D, with the same lens as I had before.  

It looks like I will need to sell a few paintings to pay for this God Damn mistake.


Richard Boyer

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