Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well we had rain again today, what a surprise!

Rick and I walked back out to the Amstel River to paint, set up and then the rain started to pour down.  I pulled out the umbrella and huddled in close next to the easel in a futile effort to keep the painting and myself dry.  I looked more like a wet dog that was left out all night than anything else.  This wind and rain went on for close to 45 minutes and then the sun came out.

I give up on trying to copy the light faithfully, if I wait a few minutes it will be different anyways.  This painting of the bridge I left as it first was with the dark clouds overhead.  That was the rainstorm we had to wait out. 

As I worked on finishing it up, the dark clouds returned to sprinkle us once more. 

I walked up to where Rick was and pulled out my mangled sandwich from the backpack.  The afternoon painting turned out to be more agreeable with the weather.  It was windy, but at least everything stayed dry.


Richard Boyer 

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