Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well I'm trying to upload another video, we will see if it takes or not. For some odd reason it worked fine for the facebook page, you could click on the link there on the right side to view it.

We are now in southern Sweden. We left Osthammar Saturday morning at 9:00 and made good time all the way to just before Lund, Sweden. There they decided to take a bridge apart over the Freeway and close the entire thing down. We were in a line, or maybe a parking lot would be more descriptive of the area, for close to an hour.

We finally made it down to Elena and Siverts house at 6:00 in the evening. Elena is Elsie's sister. It seems like Elsie has hundreds of relatives down here in Skane. They all seem to be constantly dropping by to visit. What I really need is for her to write down the family tree on paper so I can learn who is related to seems like it never ends

Back to the video upload that didn't work, I seem to be going crazy with Blogger.....nothing seems to work with them, so tomorrow I need to take some shots of the country side with all the rolling fields of crops and just show you through jepg pictures....its just gorgeous

We dropped off Lina at the Malmo train station today. She has a Danish friend, who's family lived two years in Salt Lake and she wanted to visit them. So through some emails we planned the meeting and they came over by train from Kopenhamn to pick up now my daughter is away for five days !!!

Well such is life!

Looks like I'll just keep struggling to follow the dialect down here, the relatives all find that quite amusing!

Richard Boyer

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