Sunday, August 1, 2010

We had Lottie over for dinner last night. She is an old friend of Karin’s going way back to middle school in Stockholm. I made a chicken and rice dish and we ate in the dungeon. The building here has a barrel vaulted stone cellar that was painted and fixed up with a wood floor and large table for entertaining guests. It ended up being a late night with the wine, so we didn’t get up until ten.

This morning we had coffee out front in the sun light. After a leisurely breakfast we walked around the waterfront. I took this shot of a large double mast sailboat, some well to do American visiting Stockholm. The length seemed to occupy much of the wharf on the backside of the National Museum. I guess some people have more money to burn than most…….you can tell I’m jealous !!!

We drove back to Osthammar this afternoon. Tomorrow is a packing day; we fly back to the States on Tuesday. Both Karin and I feel another week here would have been nice. It’s back to reality.

Richard Boyer

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